What is Driving Your Life?

What is driving your life?

There are two important aspects of a journey: the quality of the driver and knowledge of the route to the destination point. I’m sure we all can agree how nervous we are if we are traveling and later begin to suspect the driver is not mentally stable or does not know the route to our destination. Why is this? Because there is a possibility that we may never arrive at our destination. Our understanding of this analogy (which is really an allegory for our lives) should stir us to think seriously about our own life journey and how we want to travel this new year.

So, what is driving your life?

According to the Bible, what drives all the issues in our life is our heart (Proverbs 4:23). So, isn’t it obvious that we would want our hearts in the right condition so they can drive us towards the right direction in a safe and timely manner? For this reason, we have been asked by God Himself to guard it diligently. Now that we know our hearts are what drives our lives, the question is…what drives our hearts? The gas or fuel that drives our hearts is two emotions: love and fear.

God uses love and the enemy of our soul uses fear.

Whichever emotion you feed your heart is what is going to gain strength and prominence. We have been given the gift of choice and God always honors our choices. He has asked us to choose between life or death and it is a day by day, minute by minute choice. When we operate from love, we choose life. When we operate from fear, we choose death. What is driving your heart (and by default, your life)? Is it fear or love? Although God instructs us to choose life, He has left us to make that choice for ourselves. After all, He does not and will never interfere with our free will.

By: Dr. Jane Wamucii

The writer is The Founder and CEO of Bloom Restoration Ministry. She is a podcaster, a radio host, A Christian Speaker, A certified Belief Therapist, a Mentor and Author of The Blooming Woman.