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Bloom Restoration Ministries offers a variety of programs and…


Although our core values and Principles are based on Christianity, we work with humanity regardless of religious backgrounds. If you would like to do something about your spiritual, emotional, physical health and well-being, and if you would like to tap into the infinite ability in you that will cause you to excel and achieve good success, B.L.O.O.M, with its professional services is definitely the right place for you. See what B.L.O.O.M and its experienced team can do for you.

Our Mission | A premier organization helping people unleash their greatness while helping them identify and overcome their limiting self defeating thought patterns.

Our Vision | Striving to be the World’s best Organization in providing an opportunity for people to tap the great power within them and to help them reach their God-given potential.

Our Purpose | We offer Spiritual education, facilitating and enhancing individuals to accomplish their mission in life by providing tools, products, and services that help the healing of their mind, body, and spirit- leading to the human well-being.

  • Dr. Jane Wamucii, a trailblazer sharing her expertise and experiences with complete authenticity while restoring the hearts of past wounds and hurts in others to help unleash their greatness through her Bloom Restoration Ministry and Destiny Daughters. Just know when she speaks, she has something valuable to say, so hold on tight with a pen…

    Jane Hester
  • I was really blessed and encouraged to continue working on my relationships, after attending the Art of relationship workshop hosted by Dr. Jane Wamucii on 4/21/18. I especially liked the part where she explained that I am never alone, there are always four of us, The Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Me, no matter…

    Florence Nyoike
  •   We are flexible evening and weekend services. We are Biblical based counseling. We have group counseling, retreats, seminars and workshops. You can reach us with just a text messaging or join our life and freedom classes.    

    Here is what Sets us apart
  • Our teachings and counselling are based on the Word of God We believe in the power of prayer as a tool of effective ministry We believe in the power of Holy Spirit and His guidance in all we do We teach Christian Principals, fundamental truths, and their application to life We believe man has the…

    Our Guiding Principles
  • We strive for excellence in all we do; glorifying God and being good stewards of what He has appointed us to do We respond with personal touch because we believe people make a decision to follow Christ by the way we represent Him.    

    Our Values


22 Mar

Rejection is a heavy weight that hurts.

Rejection is a heavyweight that hurts us to the core, it weakens our spiritual and emotional muscles. This heavyweight destroys the very person that we…

22 Mar

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Today the church is in crisis. Most of the crises are personal and deep and people suffer silently because they do not want to…