About Us

Bloom Restoration Ministry (B.R.M.) was founded in 2012, and relaunched in 2016. The Ministry offers a variety of services including, individual/group counseling, workshops, freedom classes, seminars, retreats, and conferences. These services are designed to build character, self-esteem, and confidence through the evolution of our minds, which in turn leads us to experience peace, joy, and love in every aspect of our lives.

Our ministry acknowledges the toll placed on a person in these changing social economic times. Life experiences have a way of taking a toll on all of us causing a loss in the drive, energy, and sometimes bad experiences that can lead us to feelings of worthlessness, depression, and anxiety which then cause us to give up on ourselves, God, and our loved ones.

We all desire to walk with the power, effectiveness, and abundance that is already provided freely by God. The questions are: “Why don’t we?” and “How can we?” We help people answer these questions for themselves while utilizing our services. We also help people identify things that may be hindering them from walking in the full abundance, joy, and success that is already provided by God.

For example, childhood traumas that lead to unforgiveness, an inability to express feelings, and painful memories that have since caused negative behavior and wrong decision-making. Finally, we help individuals step out of denial and take responsibility and control of their lives, walk with them through their healing journey as they discover who they really are, and encourage them to seek an intimate relationship with God which produces good success.

At B.R.M., we believe through the development and discipline of our mind, we start thinking like the Creator after which we create and manifest the humanly impossible. We also are transformed to have compassion and unconditional love which equips us to be better leaders in this hurting, confused, and lost the world.

Although our core values and principles are based on Christianity, we work with all peoples regardless of religious background. If you would like to do something about your spiritual, emotional, and/or physical health and well-being, and if you would like to tap into your infinite ability that will cause you to excel and achieve good success, B.R.M is definitely the right place for you!

Our Mission | A premier organization helping people unleash their greatness while helping them identify and overcome their limiting self defeating thought patterns.

Our Vision | Striving to be the world’s best organization in providing an opportunity for people to tap into the great power within them and to reach their God-given potential.

Our Purpose | We offer spiritual education, facilitating and enhancing individuals to accomplish their mission in life by providing tools, products, and services that help the healing of their mind, body, and spirit, which is the key to human well-being.

Jane Wamucii, Ph.D

Meet Dr. Jane Wamucii

Jane is a board certified belief therapist, author, radio show host, Christian Speaker and CEO/Founder of Bloom Restoration Ministry in 2012. She is also a licensed social worker with the State of Texas and has a Ph.D. in Biblical Counseling. Dr. Wamucii was recognized in her achievement and work as a great educator in her local Kenyan community by Bosi International, Inc. at the 2016 Mashujaa Awards Gala.

She has extensive experience working with individuals who have mental and emotional difficulties both in the U.S. as a therapist and while working with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and in Africa working as a social worker. Her greatest achievement and challenge has been in raising her three adult children. Her children have given her a reason to fight for her life when she was overcome by various life challenges causing her to nearly give up hope and everything she believed in.

She now understands these difficulties were preparing her for her life purpose: to help people overcome similar challenges, find themselves again, and soar like eagles. She now sees how  God has caused everything to work for her good, and that He will for everyone else. Her passion is to help people realize their God-given potential to unleash their greatness. She helps people achieve their spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.

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