The Perfect Environment

The Perfect Environment

Now more than ever, we (human beings) need to identify an environment from where we function more easily, joyously and effectively. Today, we are constantly bombarded by negative news and images in social media, television and all other networks we visit. The church is not exempt, Christians are faced with personal and deep-rooted struggles that result in negative emotions-mainly fear. They suffer silently because they think by sharing their struggles they would make God look bad (as if He needs our validation). I often have to remind myself that God is who He says He is whether we agree or not.

Surrounding ourselves to God

All animals, human race, and plants have specific environments in which they thrive well. For instance, fish will not survive out of water nor do human beings survive without air. In the same way, Spiritually, we cannot thrive without the presence of God. Without the presence of God, we are fatherless. It is important to remember that when we are born again, Jesus Christ comes to live in our hearts; thus, we have the abiding presence of God at all times. Although we have this presence with us all the time, we still need to continually make it real to us and our surrounding. We need to meditate the presence of God at all time so it is manifested in our reality.

When we create our own “safe environments” what we are really saying to ourselves is we are in control.  In my own experience, I have found that such attempts have been the fastest way to steal the peace, the joy I so need to thrive in a world full of chaos. My inner peace comes from within – my relationship with my Creator and the fact that He is in control and not me. My constant dependence on him lifts a heavy load that I would carry on my own.

We all need God

I constantly remind myself I need Him in all situations and at all times.  I do not want to be my own God…it is just too hard, it’s a burden I would hate to carry. I barely can figure out my life let alone the whole broken world. I thrive best in His presence when I recognize how much I need Him and how I cannot live without Him. For me, this is a healthy state of mind that makes me operate my full potential because I am in my element. I am persuaded that our perfect environment is in the presence of God.

Thanksgiving and appreciating what we already have is key to attracting the presence of God in our life. As we stop murmuring and complaining for what we do not have and instead thank Him for what He has provided already, God’s presence will be so real and we will be able to walk in the fullness of His joy.

In Deuteronomy 8, God reminded the Israelites never to forget how He led them all the way in the desert for forty years. Similarly, when we make effort to remember what the Lord our God has done for us in the past, our hearts are more likely to go into Thanksgiving which also helps us to sense His presence. We also attract the presence of God by worshipping Him at all times. Worship is not a slow song as we have been taught, but it is a lifestyle. It involves more than singing and raising our hands in church. Authentic worship is from our hearts and making sure we obey God and submit ourselves to His authority.

In conclusion, I encourage you to live intentionally pursuing and abiding in the presence of God.

By Jane Wamucii, PhD

The Author is the Founder of Bloom Counselling and Coaching Services

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